~ One of a Kind and Eco-Friendly ~ Re - Constructed Apparel and Accessories for Women.
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Zino Crop Top
Zino Crop Top
Zino Crop Top
Zino Crop Top

Zino Crop Top

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Zino Crop Top is simply fitting 🍬  〰️➰➿

This top features:
Flattering fit

Fabric: Unknown. Recommend to Dry Clean Only.
Condition: Excellent
Size: XS/S

- Reconstructed Garment -
What most people see as “old/trash” we see it as treasure ✨ and a chance to work with creativity.  
With that being said,
This top has been made with fabric scraps that were soon on their way to being thrown out! 

ENJOY the EVOLUTION... Here's to being "Sustainably Fierce"!

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