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About Her; by Her

that's how it all starts.
I began this life long venture in the city I was raised.
San Francisco, California.
This place. A melting pot of culture, religion, and beliefs.
My forever home, practices acceptance and freedom of speech more than any other city in the United States.
S.F., you gorgeous misfit, you have got some character and individuality.
Thank You for encouraging all of us to grow in what makes us happy.

My form of expression is through fashion.
Art is perceptive, ever changing, a silent narrative.
Fashion Psychology in simple terms (if there is such a thing).
I, Sophia Marie, the introvert (at least I like to think I am)
likes to be loud and cause a ruckus with all things visual.

Head to toe in all black for example. That look is a staple.
Accessories are the frosting on the cake, also known as the best part.
On my recent travels,
{I try to emerge myself in an "educational culture trip" at least twice a year}
to Guatemala, I got introduced to color.
Their woven textiles in the brightest, most boisterous colors encouraged me to branch out into something new.
Just like that sewing class introduced me to, 
“Oh hey, I can make that!” or “let’s change it this and that way!”.
Also, my mom, ever since I was younger, traveled the world
and did the hair for all major fashion weeks.
She introduced me to
trends on a global scale.
I recently considered myself a designer.
I take things and make it my own.
form, layer, stud, mesh, rip, stitch into something new and completely rad.
Vivienne Westwood is a designer I look up to, just because
she blatantly does not give a F what the world thinks of her creation.
It is raw, edgy, and human.
– the highs and the lows –
It is just like you, & just like me.
This is a small written introduction about my life,
as an avid fashionista in the small city of San Francisco.

Visual and Concrete examples are available here
with the help of the community on

We hope to inspire, educate and encourage everyone across the globe to tap into their passions and to
paint the world in their vibrant colors.
Through this business, (yep, it's the real deal)
We hope to build a bridge that will bring us together
as the creative community that we are. 

Dress you guys up in FANTABULOUS threads, and have you rock
the streets.

All for the abundant love and understanding for one of a kind fashion, Mama Nature, and YOUnique individuals.
; forever flourish friends.

a little more about Sophia Marie:
upon graduating high school, Sophia attended
Fashion Business Institute in
Sydney, Australia.
During that time she interned with various
designers and learned the many roles
there are within the fashion industry.
After three years, San Francisco was calling her back.
Here are a few of the people Sophia has worked with since being in the fashion industry:
Fashion Business Institute Graduation Show
Myer Fashion Show
Josh Goot Fashion Show
Who Magazine & Take 5 Magazine,
Hussy Fashion House,
threeasfour(NY fashion week)
Alice&Olivia (NY fashion week),
Pamela Love (NY fashion week)
Currently, Sophia is:
– senior buyer/part owner for
World Gate Jewelers
- Dreamer, Creator, & Designer for IconaWear
– an on-call personal stylist
for a fashion start-up called ChiclyApp
- Freelance Fashion Stylist
- Fashion Design student at C.C.S.F.

Click here to read an article written about Sophia Marie
featured in the C.C.S.F newspaper.

Sophia’s Social Media:

Instagram: sophia.marie : https://www.instagram.com/sophia.marie/

Facebook: sophiamariestyle https://www.facebook.com/sophiamariestyle/

Twitter: sophiamarietalk : https://twitter.com/SophiaMarieTalk

Linkedin: sophiamarie : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophiamarie/

Pinterest: sophiamariestyle https://www.pinterest.com/sophiamariestyle/



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