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Accessories Care

How to Care for Your Accessories

With proper care, your piece will remain in tack and will not loose its luster for years to come.

To protect your accessories from scratches and other damage, we suggest to store your piece in a cloth bag, plastic bag, or the packaging it was wrapped in when sent to you.

Wearing your accessories in the sun, by the beach or the pool will taint the product. Obviously, avoid wearing it while bathing and showering. Stylist tip is to avoid wearing lotions and perfumes on the same area where you will be skin wearing your jewelry.  

If you put your jewelry on last and take it off first, you will help protect it from tarnish and damage. ?

How to Clean Your Accessories

To remove dirt and oils from jewelry, simply wipe and buff with a soft cotton cloth. This should do the trick.

If your item needs further cleaning, you use jewelry cleaners and cloths which are formulated specifically to remove tarnish. Ensure that these products are safe for you and the jewels. Materials such as pearls and amber, and soft gemstones such as turquoise, can be damaged by some cleaners. Read and follow the manufacturers cleaning instructions.

We use the Hagerty jewelry cleaning products and recommend Hagerty Silversmith’s Polish (for metal only jewelry) or Hagerty Pearl Clean (for jewelry with gemstones) for our .925 Sterling Silver jewelry.  You can find either on Amazon and dozens of other sites online.

Do not submerge your accessories in the cleaning solution.




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