~ One of a Kind and Eco-Friendly ~ Re - Constructed Apparel and Accessories for Women.
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Unique, One of Kind, Threads.
Built for empowering the greater version of YOU.
The Iconic.
Who is all about personal evolution and kick-ass individuality. 
                                                           Here's to being Sustainably Fierce.

Who are we?
We are here to cause a scene and make a difference.
Heard that too many times before?
Well, wouldn't you like to be part of the movement?

Now is the time in history to make this change.

We encourage fierce, feminine personal style while keeping Mama Nature in mind.
We are here to introduce reconstructed clothing and funky fun accessories
in your life from a tiny studio in San Francisco, California to the interweb and beyond. 

What do we do?
We incorporate sustainable practices and support creativity and individualism by customizing second-hand clothing to make something new and on trend. Got something to customize? Let's talk.
This shop presents updated, on trend versions of original garments seasonally. 

Why do we do what we do?
Have you seen the documentary the "True Cost"? If not watch it.
If so, you will understand why we are taking this route.
Iconawear loves Mother Nature and fashion, but ahh the fashion industry not so much. 
This "Fast Fashion" industry encourages consumerism.
With items at such a low cost, why wouldn't you buy that 5$ top from H&M. 
Now think - How many hands did that item have to go through to end up in your hand... and for only 5 dollars?!
Well, here are some quick facts for you:

1. The fashion industry is the world's second-largest polluter.

2. The world now consumes a staggering 80 billion pieces of clothing each year.

3. 250,000 Indian cotton farmers have killed themselves in the last 15 years.

4. Only 10% of the clothes people donate to charity or thrift stores get sold.

To end on a positive note.
By not buying into the fast-fashion marketplace, and by bringing artisanal handmade goods to the limelight is our goal to make a change.

Now, wouldn't you like to be apart of it?
If you know of ways to improve this site or our story contact us.
We are people on the other side of this too.
We care as much as you and will answer promptly to any questions or concerns you may have.


 Friends, this is only the beginning.




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