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Transformation : Fashion Stylist to Designer

Posted by Sophia Marie on



The secret is out.. 

It has been a long time coming.
The journey of finding oneself. The purpose.
What makes you happy?
(Think about it) 
All those things you thought "Oh I wish I can do that."
Well.. do it.
It is not easy to schedule time for yourself.
I undertstand. We understand.
as all these distractions have your attention. . .
It happens to us all!
"You have the same amount of hours a day as Beyonce"
Make time to accomplish your dreams.

All those things you wish you can do. JUST DO IT. 



The start of my entrepreneurial career started with
World Gate Jewelers.
My partner (my mom) and I curate pieces from all over the world.
Hand pick one of a kind gems
from vendors we admire and connect with.
All to bring them home and showcase them in Diva International,
located on 
One Market Street in San Francisco.




[metaslider id=1796]

3 years in the making, and still growing, 
I wanted to branch out and tap into my ultimate desires.






There was a yearning inside of me.
I wanted to create something that was concrete.
It was time to design clothes.
The reason why I never took the leap, was because
I had no time and was not skilled.

That one "introduction to sowing class"
I took two years ago at CCSF was the turning point.

I have now invested time, and money.
- no turning back now -

My 2017 resolution was to focus and
do what I have always wanted.
Create wearable art for others to wear and feel confident in!
It so happens that I got interviewed
about my fashion design career just last month (January 2017).
That interview which was so fluid,
cemented that there is no more room for excuses.
That this is the path I am meant to take.

The universe knows what you want.
If you work hard enough and focus your attention on the good.

It will happen.






This is the start of a lifelong brand. 
Expect, romantic, edgy on trend
Reconstructed clothing coming your way.

Thank you for all you support during this journey.
Whichever road I take. You are all so good to me.

Stay tuned;
(May 2017 expect to launch)
It has just begun.

You can read the full article "A love affair with fashion" by  Diana Chuong



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