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Posted by Sophia Marie on

 Ouida the Soulful Songstress


4th generation San Franciscan.

Her voice is a mixture of

Lana Del Rey & Amy Winehouse. Ouida is what we call her.


Which is also her middle name. "Famous Warrior"  it means. Influenced from French culture. Very fitting for the lovely, Samantha Ouida Hyland. She is an Ethnic and Creative mixing pot.  Ouida is a songstress. Hapa.

Writer and performer. She recently put her creations into a physical form. All for a means of continuous Expression. The launch of a jewelry label - Kali Electrum. One Saturday, we organized to meet

& dive deeper To understand more about her past, present, and future.  Read up on her journey down below ⇓

 Questions for the Artist

   Ouida has been surrounded by culture and music her whole life. Growing up in San Francisco she belonged to a multi cultural home. Her mother is from the Phillippines and came to America in her young adult years. She holds on closely to the Filipino beliefs and tradition. Her father, who also grew up in San Francisco, is half Irish and part Filipino/German. He has worked in the French wine industry all of Ouida's life. Her dad has been influenced enough by French culture to give "Ouida" her rightful name.
   She wrote her first song when she was about ten years old. Writing was the creative outlet to voice out her opinions based on her own experiences and relationships. Throughout her youth Ouida performed on stage at numerous talent shows and recitals. These were her first steps tapping into the family tradition of voice and song, just like her ancestors have done. Her grandmother was also a soulful singer. Her grandmothers territory for many years was the cocktail lounge of Joe's of Westlake, a San Francisco / Daly City landmark.
   When Ouida graduated from Saint Ignatious High School, she moved to New York for her college education. New York, allowed her to dive deeper into her craft and connect with likeminded individuals who also wanted to be known as somebody in the music industry. She went to college at Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU's Tisch. During this time she went through the challenges of being a young adult in a big city. A lot of connections were made, but during this time she felt like something was missing. Ouida moved back to San Francisco some time after, to pursue her dreams in her favorite city.
   Seeing Ouida you wouldn't imagine the sound that can come out of her. When she sings heads turn and eyes are wide open. Deep and connected she will move you. Some of her favorite artists that have influenced her sound are Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Chet Baker, Amy Winehouse, Chris Cornell, 2Pac, Jack White, and last but not least Lana Del Rey. Ouida has strong stage appearance and moves to her sound like gypsy starlet. Besides her personal performance, she enjoys to write in different genres and for other recording artists. 
Another way she expresses her creativity is crafting for her new accessory label called, KaliElectrum. Ouida started her collection with a few chokers and necklaces that she wanted to see in the marketplace. The necklaces she is wearing at the cafe are her designs. Layer layer layer, what a beautiful thing isn't it! Her other favorite is this piece:
screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-8-57-04-pm Suede Triple Wrap Choker "Mathilda"
 which in her words is "modern, versatile, and edgy. an easy go - to for a lot of outfits".
   She distinguishes futuristic and feminine as the hot trends of now. Androgynous street style really catches her eye. Ouida's last publication that she modeled in was for,
Mess Magazine. With a killer all girl team they sure came up with some magic.
It’s called “New Age Nostalgia” and combines 
minimalist street style looks and fashion illustration.  ⇒
   Her strategy in moving forward is to take care of her overall well-being and redirecting her attention to the present.
Ouida's idea is to give everything her all. She enjoys the ride of life and finds fun in knowing and understanding that learning doesn’t stop. Like most of our faults, the one she would like to learn how to conquer is to have faith in herself. This motto was mentioned as one of her favorites as it feeds her hope and in turn hopes to give it to others for inspiration. She mentions :
“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory.”
Her goal for a better self and in turn a better world is "to be the best version of myself I can be. 
Honoring my values. Leading by example. 
Sharing my love for people, life and art through music, friendship, and human experience." 
Continue to conquer my very good friend. Let's make sure you are heard, loud and clear.
14117844_10154057590749531_2065908700787114354_n⇑ Photographer: Ev Marquee | MUAH: Tara Marshell | Stylist: Kia Rhymer | Illustrator: Lily Duk 

  194sam-redo   195sam-redo

 Ouida's Outift:

Red Floral Lace Tank Top : H&M

Sequin Cover Up : Banjora

Earrings : World Gate Jewelers

Necklace : KaliElectrum  Asymmetrical Buckel Skirt : Cam (Similar : Lost Ink Wrap Front Asymmetric Skirt $39.00 , VERSUS Asymmetrical skirt with buckles $ 259.00 ) Bell Bottom Anklet Tights : from New York Apparel on Haight Street -  Erotic shop that has the best tights, all for about $5 White Peep Toe Platform Shoes : Public Desire (Similar : Summit White Mountain Fantasia Ankle Boot $148.95 MARRY-ME Flared Peep Boot $150.00 )


Sophia's Accessories :

Earrings : (Similar here : World Gate Jewelers )

Necklace : World Gate Jewelers

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Model & Artist : Ouida/Sam - Ouida's Instagram

Stylist : Sophia Marie - Sophia's Instagram 

Photographer : Gio - Gio's Instagram



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