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Posted by Sophia Marie on


It’s been such an amazing year. I have experienced so much growth.. it hurts. I feel so blessed to have come so far in such a short period. Sometimes I swear I’m still experiencing growth spurts as an adult. Last year came at me so fast. My business has grown to levels I only dreamed of last year. My skill level, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism have all flourished over this year. All things people could only hope for. Last year I wanted to, among other things, become profitable from my art. Which I have done. I also wanted to refine my business. Which through mostly serendipity, I have also done. I’ve been so fortunate this year. I have incorporated some amazing new people in my life and I’m so excited for my new relationships. I compel you to take a look at your life. Who do you have in your life that really challenges you to do better? Any one that actively supports your goals and honorably returns whatever you bring to the table…? it’s dope 😏. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t continuously surround yourself with people that propel you towards your goals and dreams. Good people are out there. Get you some..
One amazing person I had the pleasure of working with is Sophia Marie, fashion designer and stylist for IconaWear. Sophia runs IconaWear, an eco-friendly fashion brand, based out of San Francisco. IconaWear promotes sustainability and eco-fashion by reconstructing second-hand clothes and using deadstock materials. I was elated when she asked me to be her brand ambassador. It was as if God sent me the perfect piece to make the idea of this set a reality. A long, black lace skirt, the Mieux Lace Skirt. The perfect feminine compliment to the athletic wear I wanted to style. to  All I had to do was trust him, all the pieces were coming together as if it weren’t meant. In the beginning stages as I played with the pieces in my mind and all the way down to when I laid everything out on the bed I was so self conscience. I wasn’t sure if people would understand this different style I so desperately wanted to express. It wasn’t until I put my looks on and stepped in front of the camera did I finally feel… I was on to something. This is my most favorite set. This was the growth I was looking for in my work. I am just so proud of myself for stepping out on faith, living in my truth and doing what I love.
Last year was also filled with trials. I’ve had the most sickle cell crisis I’ve ever had last year. I was in the hospital once a month. Sometimes twice on a bad month. Although I had all of this going on the only peace I truly found is when I was working out. There is a bit of surrendering I’ve had to do along my fitness journey that no other tasked required me to do. Something I guess you can say, I have found alluring. There is always something to do when it comes to this goal. Whether it’s planning and budgeting meals or time management to ensure enough rest, there is always something I can do to actively move towards my goal. I feel maintaining a goal of clean eating and exercise has helped me with focus in terms of my other goals. 
I really wanted to create a new set dedicated to my new lifestyle. Fitness and healthy eating has taken over pop culture and social media... or at least my timeline. I can’t scroll too far before seeing something associated with fitness. Those that workout know the importance of good workout clothes. Sometimes it’s so hard to sacrifice money from the budget to buy regular clothes, let alone workout clothes. Should you decide on that good Nike sweater or those amazing running shoes.. soon enough you’ll see your wardrobe slowly change and workout clothes begin to completely take over. But I have an amazing solution with this workout inspired set. I hated the feeling of my wardrobe becoming limited because I owned so much workout attire. So I created looks that blended my regular clothing and my workout attire together. From everyday looks that still allow you to be gym ready. To looks that are slightly more edgy but chic enough to wear to a nice outing.  
I’ve had so much adversity trying to put this together. But it is so refreshing to finally be in this moment and to see my small idea turn into something so beautiful. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you’ve gotten to this point then I’ve done it all for you…
Thank you.
Oh! Stop by Iconawear.com and take a look around. All itmes are one of a kind and handmade!  


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