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How to dress for Microlimate Weather

Posted by Sophia Marie on

 How to dress for Microclimate Weather





Indian Summer has struck San Francisco.
For those of you who don't know what that is, or have yet to come to San Francisco I'll explain.
It is the BEST time to come to San Francisco. The ONLY time where the city reaches 80 degrees hot.
Where everyone dresses in all black, or they wear hardly anything at all.
Just like the weather, the people here can't seem to decide how to be that day. 
Every changing, unpredictable, and nothing quite like it ;)  
September to October is our summer in San Francisco. 

 Fall style this time around includes your summer dress with a bag properly prepared with your evening layers.
Your average San Franciscan comes prepped and ready with a backpack (if you hit me again with that bag i swear!....)
OR you can opt for an ever so stylish handbag that speaks "I mean big business" like this one here ⇑ by Emm Kuo.



Sleek and professional
The handles are what makes it so unique. 
Edgy and delicate
Mother of Pearl adorns parts of the handles. 
When you walk, the MOP glistens in the light. 
I was surprised that my whole evening wear was able to fit in the bag! 
Evening layers include: 
solid tights, thigh high socks, gloves, scarf, long sleeve and a lightweight jacket. 

 Trend Radar

Spring/Summer dresses layered for Fall/Winter

Chain and Tassel

Floral Pattern

Ballerina Lace Up Socks

Quality Leather Bags




Sophia's Outfit:

Floral Dress - Top Shop

Sheer Shirt -  Stylist Own

Emm Kuo Bag - World Gate Jewelers

Tassel Necklace - World Gate Jewelers

Hoop Earrings - World Gate Jewelers

Chain Belt - World Gate Jewelers

Silver Cuff - World Gate Jewelers

Liquid Metal Bracelet - World Gate Jewelers

Rectangle Ring - World Gate Jewelers

Snake Ring - World Gate Jewelers 

Fishnets - Find your own :P 

Ballerina Wrap Socks - Similar here : Lace Up No-Show Socks

Shoes - H&M (Similar here : Eileen Fisher Black Velcro Wedges)


[video width="854" height="640" m4v="http://vividvida.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/IMG_2345.m4v"][/video]

Stylist & Model : Sophia Marie - Sophia's Instagram

Photographer : Nate - Nate's Instagram 




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