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A Day Trip To Central America’s Most Colorful Market, Chichicastanengo

Posted by Sophia Marie on

 A Day Trip To Central America’s Most Colorful Market, Chichicastanengo


What brought me to choosing Mystical Yoga Farm from all other yoga retreats was due to the location it was in. As soon as I saw Guatamala, I knew I had to go. The images that popped in my head when Guatemala was mentioned were the Mayan people dressed in their traditional wear. The most vibrant clothes, for their everyday wear. That is how they distinguish each other from tribe to tribe. Culturally it is a must! Each origin, had their own flare of style such as a certain color, symbols and pattern. The natives of the land are attentive to clothes they put on their back. They have respect for their culture and home. Guatemalans show it proudly through the most vibrant colors! It was an obvious must to visit the place that I always respected and felt a sense of awe for. Already the connection was set!ChiChi,GUA20160109_0020chi

I googled searched away, and Chichicastanengo would be the first planned trip outside the yoga farm and into the real world Matt and I would take.

High up in the mountains, about an hour and a half shuttle from Panajachel there is a small town of Chichicastanengo. On Thursday and Sundays they hold their famous market, and my what a sight to see!

We knew we needed coffee and breakfast before getting in the action. We ate here :


Photo Captured by Ruth T

We chose the following for the birds eye view of the market, which is one not to be missed.

Vendors after vendors, people after people. There was a lot of hustle for a small area.

You could buy anyhing you could think of in terms of “GUA” here.

ChiChi,GUA20160110_0021chi ChiChi,GUA20160110_0022chi ChiChi,GUA20160110_0023chi

ChiChi,GUA20160110_0034chi ChiChi,GUA20160110_0024chi

They also have a large food market as well!


The churches are a standard landmark:

4632910015_2cc28f1312_bphoto by Flickr

ChiChi,GUA20160110_0030chi ChiChi,GUA20160110_0032chi

In this case it is actually better to take a seat back and watch it in motion rather than being part of the hustle and bustle.ChiChi,GUA20160110_0031chi

It was a great experience nonetheless!


*bring Bug Spray! lots and lots of it! Deet free of course ;)


Lessons Learned

  • Buy all tourist goodies at the town prior, called Panajachel. They had such a great selection! Would so spend 2 nights there. Awesome resteraunts, so many shops and the most breathtaking view.  
  • So yes, I was a bit disappointed that Chichi didn't have a variety of goods to bring back to friends and family. - DO NOT buy items from places such as Antigua or any other “big” tourist cities, the neighboring towns especially the port towns are best!
  • Set a meeting place just incase you get lost from your partner! It is always a travel must.
  • Carry snacks, no one likes a grumpy tourist who doesn’t know where they are going.
  • Buy a watch! Wear one always. It is always on your wrist, and time is always around. You wil be sure not to miss any of it, or in this case almost miss your bus :P
  • HAGGLE!! You can purchase items for HALF of what they ask most of the time. If you have the position and the confidence to do so DO IT! Or get your partner to do it for you ;P

Guatemala, you are my first love. Never forgotten and always missed. You taught and showed me so much! Thank you for your beautiful gifts.


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  • Hello Shelbi, thank you for your feedback. From the sound of it, looks like you’ve seen some of the magic too :)

    sophiamarie_p@yahoo.com on

  • Loved your post Sophia! Traveling Latin America is always a great experience. XO


    Shelbi on

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